Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tina Knowles Talks About Daughter Beyonce's Pregnancy

Or for you conspiracy theorists out there, her ‘alleged’ pregnancy. In four months, Tina Knowles will become a grandma for the second time (Beyonce’s sister, Solange, has a seven year-old son). Beyonce and Jay-Z will welcome their child into the world in February.

Everyone is so excited about Beyonce’s pregnancy, this is no longer her child. At this point, it’s the world’s. And we want to know details about our baby. Specifically, is it a girl or a boy?

“They know what they’re having,” Tina tells Life and Style magazine. “But I’m not telling!”

Okay, Tina, you’re not going to reveal the gender. So what will you reveal? Let’s hear some big news about the most anticipated pregnancy of the decade!

“She’s craving waffles.”

Oh, okay. Thanks.

“The normal,” Tina says. “Just wanting to eat!”

She also revealed that her daughter had morning sickness. “She went through it, but she’s got past it now.”

And like the rest of the world, Tina thinks her daughter is going to be an amazing mother.

“She’s going to be an awesome mom. I think it will slow her down somewhat, but I think she’ll be the same great person she’s been.”

And Tina thinks Jay-Z will be just as great. “I think he’s going to be awesome. They are very, very happy and just glowing. It’s great to see.”

Hollyscoop talked to ex-Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland, who agreed that Beyonce is going to wear motherhood well.

"I'm not pregnant but she seems to be fine and she seems happy and excited about the pregnancy," Rowland told us.

She added: "I know she'll be a wonderful mom." And even though she has only several months before a human being is ripped from her loins, Beyonce says she’s not nervous about the pregnancy.

“It’s going really well, I am so happy with everything right now. I am not nervous because I know it's happening at the right time. I felt I got married at the right time for me, and now we are having the baby at the right time. I feel like we didn't rush anything, and now we are being blessed with everything naturally."

The singer also expressed her happiness over marrying her “best friend.”

“I am so blessed to have him as my husband. We have been together since I was 20, and he is my rock during everything.”

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