Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Demi Moore Steps Out Solo and Scary Skinny in NY

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s marriage may be on the rocks and on the covers of every major tabloid, but that isn’t going to stop her from going to work.

While the rest of us think it’s totally okay to call in sick if your cat has a hangnail, Demi Moore has premieres to attend and red carpets to walk.

Demi stepped out alone to the NYC premiere of her new movie, “Margin Call” last night. She looked lovely in a red Zac Posen creation whom she tweeted her regards, “Thank you @Zac_Posen for such a beautiful frock for the ‘Margin Call’ premiere!”

However, no matter how pretty the dress was, it’s hard to not notice that she’s getting incredibly thin. Stress and intense pressure takes its toll on people in different ways.

Some people have baking parties and hit rock bottom when they find themselves on the phone with Krispy Kremes at 2:30 am, begging that they deliver. However, poor Demi is literally the disappearing woman, she’s always been slender, but now she’s scary skinny.

I hate to name names, but she’s “Kate Middleton” skinny now.

Also, she’s noticeably STILL wearing her wedding band. The tabloids would go crazy if she took off her ring, however, she didn’t take it off and I’m still talking about it.

But just because she’s wearing her ring, don’t expect Demi and Ashton to still be together. Ashton went solo to the Bill Clinton fundraiser this weekend at the Saturday night concert bash. Ashton was all smiles but it was weird seeing him fly solo.

Last week a moving truck was spotted outside the home they used to share and Ashton has been telling friends that Demi is consulting with divorce attorneys already. But we’re also hearing the moving truck was staged by the moving company for press.

However, before they finally called in the moving van, the couple tried to make their marriage last. They were spotted together at a Yom Kippur service and then went camping together.

Though if I learned anything about camping, do not put two people that hate each other into an environment where sleeping on dirt and showering in lakes is a thing. It will only make the situation worse.

Also, I’m sure you’ve read all the quotes from Sara Leal by now. Sex Twice. No Condom. Hot tubs. Ashton wears a robe. But now, Sara’s “best friend” is speaking out and said Sara had to take TWO pregnancy tests to make sure she isn’t carrying Ashton Kutcher’s “half man.” Thankfully she’s not pregnant.

The “best friend” source also adds that Sara is a slut. You don’t say!

“She’s not as innocent as she came off the be in Us Weekly. She said it was her first one night stand, which is definitely not true."


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