Friday, October 14, 2011

Blackberry: Subscribers call for extension of subscription for service disruption

The National Association of Telecom Subscribers (NATCOMS) has called on service providers to extend subscriptions for blackberry users who have been experiencing service disruption since Oct. 10.

Chief Deolu Ogunbanjo, President of NATCOMS on Thursday in Lagos said  that the extension would compensate subscribers for their inability to surf the web during the period of the disruption.

“Although Blackberry service is franchise to blackberry users in Nigeria, but adequate compensation, in terms of extension of their subscription, should be provided.

“They should compensate their subscribers for the three days of disruption to blackberry services.

“The extension has to be given by the service providers because Blackberry renders the service through their networks,” Ogunbanjo said.

Ogunbanjo said that the association would officially report the disruption of blackberry services to the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC)..

He also said that NATCOMS could even take issue up the issue at the global level, if nothing was done by the NCC..

“If blackberry does not compensate the subscribers, the association might take up the issue with the World Consumers International.

“NATCOM is a member of the World Consumers International and the body will see to the Nigerians’ plight,” he said.

Blackberry users could not surf the web as a result of global service disruption for sometimes now..

All Efforts to speak with service providers  in Nigeria proved abortive.

Blackberry owners, Research In Motion (RIM), has, however, said that the problem was due to backlog issues following  system failure. (NAN)

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