Thursday, August 4, 2011

George Clooney Is Dating Professional Wrestlers Now

George Clooney has rebounded from his breakup with Elisabetta Canalis and is now dating ex WWE star Stacy Keibler.

Apparently, the two have known each other "four or five years," according to an insider.

"It's more than just a fling." The source continues that they "reached out to one another through a mutual friend."

I hope she's cool with the fact that the only ring she'll ever get into is the wrestling ring. All Elisabetta did was mention the word "marriage", and Clooney sped off faster than Carl Lewis. In addition to her professional wrestling history, Stacy is a budding actress and was a fan favorite on season 2 of Dancing with the Stars.

The two have been spending time together at Clooney's Lake Como estate in Italy.

"There's basically exclusive at this point," the insider tells Us Weekly. "They like each other's sense of humor. Obviously they're both physically attracted to one another."

I mean, Elisabetta Canalis was hot. Stacy Keiber is fine, but the fact that she used to get in a wrestling ring and yell at her opponents wearing a leather bikini and doo-rag is just unappealing. What's next, dating carnies?

Another source claims that the two will most likely keep their relationship private

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