Friday, August 5, 2011

Rihanna Back Together With Her First Love

After rumors that Rihanna was back together with Drake she squashed those stories as friends are saying she's back together with her first love.

Back when Rihanna was just a teenager in Barbados she dated a guy named Lucky Negus Sealy and insiders say that Rihanna's recent trip to Barbados has reignited their old flame.

Negus is staying with Rihanna at her villa on the Sandy Lane estate, and this aint no Barbados booty call. A source says, "Negus has hardly left her side. He was her first true love...They've hooked up in the past when she's been back in Barbados but now things have progressed into a proper relationship again."

Ohhh so that was the guy she was spotted booty grinding on at that Barbados parade. I guess Lucky got lucky.

Apparently this guy is some kind of Barbados town slut and the locals call him the "Love God."

They say you never forget your first love. No really, how can you forget a guy named "Love God."

This has bad idea written all over it. I wonder if "What's my name?" was inspired by Lucky. So let's get this straight, his real name is Lucky and his nickname is Love God? Uhmm

Other celebs that are still with their first boyfriends or girlfriends? Sarah Hyland who plays rebellious Haley on "Modern Family" has been with her guy for 3 years, he's the first guy she seriously dated and now they live together.

Kevin Jonas married his first love Danielle Deleasa, and although they are super young, they've been married almost 2 years.

Heidi Montag married her first love Spencer Pratt. Although Heidi dated some guy named Jordan Eubanks for a second on Season 1 of The HIlls, were not gonna count that one as it was probably one of those fake reality show relationships.

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  1. well i wish them all the best, i wonder what will be reaction of chris brown on this