Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prince William and Kate Sneak Off to 'Honeymoon Island'

If they weren't acting like an old married couple already, Prince William and Kate took a break from their royal duties to enjoy a canoe ride. What's next, antiquing?

The couple has been busy on their royal tour of Canada, and on Tuesday, William and Duchess Catherine spent time on Eagle Island, better known locally as "Honeymoon Island" in the remote Northwest Territories.

Word is the couple paddled out to Blachford Lake to watch a midnight sunset and have dinner, which was all planned by William. The dinner included local cranberries and caribou steaks cooked on an open campfire.

The spot is known for having the longest sunsets. Because it's so far north, it hardly gets dark during the summer. Canada sounds gorgeous. Why have we not imperialized that country and built townhomes yet?

Tessa Macintosh runs Blackford Lake Lodge and said, "Its real name is Eagle Island, but ever since my wedding night we've called it Honeymoon Island. When I was taken there I thought my new husband was the most romantic man on earth. I'm sure that is just how Kate must feel now."

Macintosh added, "Once you are there you are surrounded by nature. Only the sound of the occasional Loon bird in the distance breaks the silence...this really will re-charge their batteries."

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