Thursday, July 7, 2011

Juror in Casey Anthony Trial Shops for Interview Deal

Nancy Grace's head is going to explode. One of the jurors in the Casey Anthony trial is apparently soliciting major media outlets. The unidentified male juror is asking for five figures in exchange for an exclusive interview.

A lawyer is sending out letters that read: "Our client -- a married, college-educated, 33-year-old white male with two young children -- is willing to consider granting one or more media interviews so long as the opportunities are paid."

Between the defense team's champagne celebration, this interview thing, and—oh yeah, letting Casey Anthony get off scot-free, I can understand why Nancy Grace said somewhere "the devil is dancing." And I'm not even religious. Or a Nancy Grace fan.

TMZ has learned that the unnamed juror has already received multiple offers from news outlets, including at least one of the major networks. Sources claim that the offers are in the "mid 5-figures."

The lawyer, Rick French, admits it's "a sticky subject and believe me, I understand the delicacy of this type of negotiation."

But he insists that his client will not "entertain any offers that don't include compensation for a myriad of reasons."

Reason number one: he's a douche.

Celebrities have been expressing their surprise/outrage on Twitter.

@TheMandyMoore: “I’m from Orlando and have been hooked on the trial the last few weeks. the defense team was abysmal! this is shocking! poor, poor caylee.”

@ JoyVBehar: “I’m shocked by the #caseyanthonyverdict. Though I can’t say this is the first time Florida screwed up on an important vote.”

@MrsSOsbourne: “Casey Anthony not guilty??’s a disgrace. She’ll probably get her own reality show now.”

@StarJonesEsq: “I believe in the jury system and accept verdict...but I can’t take smiles from #CaseyAnthony right now. She may be NG...but her baby is dead!”

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