Thursday, July 7, 2011

Natalie Portman Reveals Baby Name

Natalie Portman and fiance Benjamin Millepied who are usually tight lipped about everything, have accidentally let loose their child’s name. The couple has named their son after the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph.

Portman who was born in Israel, let the name slip in an interview on Israeli TV show, “Good Evening with Guy Pines.”

Alef was born mid-June but Portman and Millepied kept the name super secret until now. Aleph means “the oneness of God” and the element of air. Aleph is the number 1 in Hebrew and can also be spelled "alef."

Cool name, but that’s quite a name to live up to. The oneness of God? The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet? That’s a lot of pressure for a kid, that’s like naming someone Alpha Male.

But what could we expect from a vegan Harvard grad? C’mon, you would be disappointed if Natalie Portman named her kid Ryan or Jake. Also, don’t confuse Aleph with Alf. Not the same name at all.

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