Thursday, July 7, 2011

Michael Jackson's $900 Million Art Fortune Revealed

Michael Jackson left behind an almost billion dollar art fortune. Star Magazine is reporting that the "secret" art fortune is now at the "center of an international tug of war."

According to the report, the vault has been sold out from underneath the Jackson children, who are supposed to inherit the fortune, and it was appraised at a whopping $902.52 million.

Eric Finzi, a certified member of the International Society of Appraisers, wrote: "Michael’s mystique in life combined with this exposure of his wonderful fine art creations following his tragic death will escalate the value of these works and the popularity of his artistic vision worldwide."

In addition to some political relics, the collection includes sculptures and sketches Jackson drew while being taught by close friend Brett-Livingston Strong, an Australian artist. The art was created at a top-secret airport hanger at Santa Monica Airport.

Dr. Tohme Tohme, Jackson's last business manager, apparently sent a letter to the artist giving him ownership of the collection. But legal experts are now concerned that the letter may be a fake. A source close to the Jackson Family told Star:

"Michael's signature nor his initials are inked on the document that purports to gifts hundreds of millions of dollars to Strong, at a time when Michael was swamped in debt. It doesn't make sense that he would give it up."

Another insider told Star: "The successful bidder put down a payment of $37.7 million to secure the art and agreed to pay a further $50 million upon receipt of a release from the estate. That’s what raised the red flag."

The Jacksons are now working to challenge the document's validity

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