Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lindsay Lohan: It's Not Like I Killed Someone

Lindsay Lohan just finished her cushy house arrest sentence after spending thirty-give days in confinement for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace.

Lohan also spent fourteen days in jail in 2010 when she violated her probation. And, like any spoiled kid with a sense of entitlement, she thinks it was totally unnecessary.

Lohan said in an interview with the Italian Vanity Fair: “Unless you’re a killer, I don’t see a reason to stay there. I never hurt anyone but myself.”

Excuse me? I just checked out her post arrest partying photos, and yes, it hurt. I got a migraine just looking at the black bags under her eyes.

“In October, I’ll begin work,” Lohan continued. “I hope to spend next year on set.”

Lindsay’s first night of freedom following her house arrest was spent attending a party in Hollywood. Lohan later took to Twitter to dispel partying rumors. "Of course me going to my best friends going away dinner is a headline - especially on my first day out of my house in 35 days," she wrote. "That does not give anyone the right to have a field day and manifest stories. IT WAS A GOING AWAY DINNER, THAT WAS IT. Nothing exciting happened aside from the very yummy hummus and pita.”

Lohan left that “hummus and pita” party looking like that weird hairless thing from Lord of the Rings. If that’s what Mediterranean food does to you, I’m sticking to cheeseburgers.

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  1. This girl is just crazy. I can`t really understand how u could have a life like this...i wouldn`t like to change my life with Lindsay Lohan.