Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rihanna: Fame Kills Your Love Life

Rihanna says being famous has ruined her love life. Apparently, men are intimidated by her and all her fame.

I have idea why that would be, it’s not like she’s dated everyone from Colin Farrell to Drake, or that she has 10 number one hits on the Billboard hot 100 charts and she’s only 23, or that she told Cosmo magazine that she likes her men “hot and hung.” No idea why any of those things would make a man feel intimidated! 

“It can definitely be intimidating to guys to date someone in this industry. And it’s really hard to find a guy who doesn’t care about that stuff,” the Barbados singer has said. 

Rihanna was recently linked to Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp but she hints that she is single when she admitted that she is “open to love.” She tells UK Cosmo mag her theories on a good relationship, “Guys should have to earn it. Because the minute they get it, they want something else.” 

Preach it girl. However, as much as RiRi claims it’s hard to date when you are soooo famous, she seems to like to make men work for it. “Men like the thrill of the chase when it comes to pursuing a mate, so you have to keep ‘em guessing. I’m like that too. I get bored fast.” 

It’s so hard being a hot celebrity

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