Friday, July 8, 2011

Kate Middleton Wears The Same Jeans All Week

Kate Middleton knows she's rich, right? I'm not so sure. Because she's worn the same jeans three days in a row, which is the type of behavior usually saved for people who can't afford to do laundry.

Okay, so she probably has a thousand pairs of the exact same jeans, but the point is, Kate Middleton's wardrobe is getting a little dull. She's supposed to be a fashion icon. The public has been waiting to check out the outfits on her North American tour, and this is what she comes up with? Blue and white? What is she, playing for the Dodgers?

Then again, she's in Canada, where high fashion is a denim shirt tucked into jeans and paired with a trapper hat, so maybe there's not a lot of pressure. Sorry, neighbors, but they don't call it a "Canadian Tuxedo" for nothing.

Middleton has been spotted in J Brand "811" mid-rise skinny leg jeans since Monday, when she competed in a boat race. The next day she wore the same jeans paired with a Burberry shirt and Sebago Bala shoes. Then, on Wednesday, the Duchess paired the jeans with a navy blazer, white ruffled shirt and Nine West wedges.

Unless she's allergic to color, I don't understand the neutrals. Kate's skin tone and chestnut hair would go with a wide array of colors, and summer is the perfect time to spice up the wardrobe. We're not asking for pasties and a thong, just something that's a little more exciting than a GAP mannequin. She looks good in everything she wears, but let's hope Kate kicks it up a notch when she and Prince William head to L.A.


  1. She does not have to dress lousy and become a peacock. I am wondering how this relates to cancer and the tittle of your blog? Kate is only showing the world that she can be a royal and be modest! Please William is not complaining. We Nigerians should learn from her and live in moderation.

  2. @Anonymous we would be moving from the to the name was just to give more publicity to the cancer cause.