Friday, July 8, 2011

Jessica Alba Loves Showing Off Curves While Pregnant

Jessica Alba is one of the luckiest mom to be’s out there. Who looks this good while pregnant? It’s almost unfair because she’s already beautiful when she is not pregnant, but being even more beautiful while pregnant is just unfair. Some chicks just have it all!

Jess graces the cover of Latina magazine and she’s probably one of those people that looks better pregnant.

Pregnancy glow is an understatement when speaking about the glow that Jessica has been sporting.

In the mag Jess talks about her style while pregnant. “If you are sporting a pregnant belly, it’s better to show it than to hide it. The more figure-forming your clothes, even though you have more curves, the better. I like long, thin sweaters that kind of hide my hips and my booty, so there’s not a huge emphasis on how big they’re getting, “ she tells the mag.

Jess also thinks that a new kind of confidence comes along with being older.

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