Tuesday, July 12, 2011

January Jones Having a Girl

Although we have no idea who the father of January Jones unborn baby is, which is both weird and sad, January has at least opened up about the gender of her baby.

Sort of.  January didn’t exactly release this information but she was seen shopping for baby clothes at Poppy, a children’s clothes boutique. It’s being reported that she purchased clothes for a baby girl. 

Aw I wonder what month she’ll name her baby girl after? Baby October Jones? November Jones? Eh. 

With her growing belly and filming for MadMen beginning next month, I wonder how they will work the pregnancy into the show. 

Back in June, January was looking at blue onesies at a Target, so people speculated that she was having a boy. But now she’s even more preggers and buying clothes for a girl, so we think it’s a girl. 

Next step, find out who the dad is.

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