Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Halle Berry Finds Stalker Peeking in Window

Know what’s cool about not being famous? You don’t have freaks staring at you through your kitchen window asking for an autograph.

On Saturday, Halle Berry called the police after she saw a man walking around her property. The man jumped her wall and started walking around her front yard. It was speculated that it was a paparazzo trying to get a shot, but she made another call on Sunday after spotting him again.

When law enforcement arrived, the intruder was gone. Three cars and a helicopter showed up to the scene.

Halle was in her kitchen on Sunday, and when she looked out the window, she saw a man staring at her, holding a book. Berry called 911, and LAPD circled Halle’s home for half an hour but were unable to find the trespasser.

So far, law enforcement hasn’t ruled out that it might be a photographer, but they believe it’s most likely an obsessed fan trying to get an autograph. I thought celebrity homes were like, hard to get into. How do these stalkers keep trespassing? Invest in some barbed wire, celebs. They’re not just inspiration for tattoos.

Just last week, James Rainford was arrested for trespassing on Paris Hitlon’s Malibu home. Law enforcement found him staring into Hilton’s home from the beach. He’s the same guy that attacked Cy Waits in April and snuck onto Hilton’s property in October 2010.

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