Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nadya Suleman: "I've Been Celibate for 12 Years"

Nadya Suleman is so terrified at the possibility of having another kid, she won’t even allow a man to touch her.

In an interview for HDnet’s new dating show Celebridate, host Roger Lodge asks the 35 year-old mom of 14 if she would consider going on a date.

“A plutonic date. As long as he doesn’t touch me, we’re good. No touching.”

She also revealed she has no desire at all to meet a man. And I’m sure the feeling is mutual, because after fourteen kids, your vagina might as well have a bunch of orange cones around it.

Suleman says, “I’ve never been on one date in my life. I’ve had a boyfriend and a donor, but that’s it.”

She then tells Lodge, “I’ve been celibate for twelve years.”

You can’t really blame her, because at this point in her life, sperm is basically her kryptonite. She had so much injected in her, her body weight is most likely 20% jizz. A man is the last thing she needs.

Suleman adds “I’m a germaphobe, too.”

After her Today show interview, Suleman brought her eight toddlers on a commercial flight, and of course they were being unruly and delayed the flight two hours. Actress Kristen Johnston was apparently onboard and flipped out on Suleman, telling her to “get more help.”

Nadya’s rep says Suleman shouted back, “Why don’t you grow a baby and get a life!”


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