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Relationship: How to deal with rejection in a relationship, a job or in life

Dealing with rejection

Many people feel really bad when they experience rejection in a job, a relationship or anywhere else.

The main reason some people feel bad when someone rejects them is that they don't know how to deal with rejection the right way. Ever wondered why can two different people experience the same rejection yet one of them feels bad about it and the other moves on?

Its because one of them dealt with the rejection properly while the other didn't. In this article i am going to tell you about the right way to deal with rejection so that you don't feel that bad when someone rejects you.
How to deal with rejection in a relationship, a job or in life

This is why rejections hurts

1)Rejections and Not being sure of yourself: if somebody applied for a job and was rejected then one of the reasons that could be making him feel bad is not being sure whether his skills are good or not. The same thing happens in rejections that happen in relationships, after being rejected in a relationship the person feels bad because of many reasons and usually one of them is having self doubts.

2) Rejection and helplessness: Rejections hurt the most when the person is too helpless to find an alternative. For example if you were rejected after applying for a job because you don't know where else you should apply then one of the best ways to deal with rejection in such a case is to learn how to open new routes and become less helpless

3)Rejections and emotional wounds: If a girl thinks that she is not that attractive then she will always attribute each rejection she gets to her looks. This means that in order to deal with rejections properly you must first learn how to get fix your emotional wounds. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how many people feel bad when being rejected as a result of being reminded of an emotional wound that they didn't take care of

Dealing with rejection in relationships

I always get mails from people asking me how to deal with rejection from a guy or how to deal with rejection from women. Based on these facts we can come up with few steps that can help you get over rejections in relationships.

The first thing you must do to deal with a relationship rejection is to make sure that your self esteem and your emotional wounds were not the reason behind your bad feelings. If you found the problem with them then you must work on improving your self esteem.

Next comes the other step which is learning how to recover from the breakup itself. Don't worry just go through this guide and you will get over any breakup in no time.

Dealing with rejection in a job

Whether you are trying to find a job or whether you are a sales man who is experiencing rejection you must understand the following few facts:

  1)Rejection is a must: No successful person has ever became successful before facing numerous rejections in his job, career or business. In order to deal with rejection in your job or business read about the life stories of successful people

2)Rejection doesn't mean that you are bad: The parents of Albert Einstein and his teachers used to think that he is mentally restarted,in addition, he was rejected when he tried to admit to a certain school. If this shows us anything about dealing with rejection it would be that rejection doesn't mean that you are bad at all

3)Rejection and learning: Each rejection you get might be a signal that you need to change something about your approach. If each time you got rejected you learned a lesson you will soon become very successful

Final words about dealing with rejection

As you saw there are many reasons that could make rejection hurt and the key to getting over rejection faster is to get a better self understanding so that you know how to target the right cause.

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