Friday, May 27, 2011

David Hasselhoff `causes hotel chaos with demands`

The Hoff has reportedly been displaying diva tendencies at a London hotel.

The 58-year-old former Baywatch star is said to have caused chaos at the hotel by asking to change rooms three times, forcing porters to heave his bags from floor-to-floor.

A source told the Daily Star, 'Porters were called up to his room on the fourth floor after he complained.

'He said the room didn't have the right feng shui and wasn't giving him the right vibes.

'His room stank of funny cigarettes and there was rubbish all over. We had to climb over all the mess to get his stuff out.

'David lost tens of thousands of pounds worth of his trademark garish suits, which he left in one of his abandoned rooms. He finally settled on the fifth-floor room with a different view.

'Moments later he complained there was a flood outside his door and he wanted to move. We all started laughing.'

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