Thursday, May 5, 2011

Court convicts university lecturer over fake certificates

A university lecturer, Daniel Ishola Owoademi, 51, has been sentenced to one year imprisonment by the chief magistrate of the Magistrate Court 1, Isa Mohammed, for teaching at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University in Bauchi with fake credentials for 12 years.

The prosecutor, Iliya Bitrus, an inspector of police, had earlier told the court that "the chief security officer of the university, Garkuwa Ilimi, had reported to the police on behalf of the institution that the governing council of the university had discovered that one Daniel Ishola Owoade, a lecturer with the institute, possessed fake credentials such as testimonials, HND certificate, which he claimed he obtained from an institution in USA, and a B.Sc. which he also claimed was issued by the university in Canada, which he used to secure employment with the university in April 4th, 1999."
The prosecutor said the suspect admitted before the governing council that the said credentials were fake and that he could not give satisfactory account of how he came to possess them, an act, which he said, was contrary to section 363,364 and 321 of the penal code laws.

The accused admitted to his offence, describing it as an "evil work," and sought for leniency from the court.

The counsel to the accused, D.T. Bukar, had appealed to the court to be lenient and to temper justice with mercy because "the accused is a pastor who oversees a church. He has a family and has shown remorse by accepting the charges being the first offender."


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  2. for 12 solid years?????

    am shocked!

    was the school not suppose to investigate first before employing?