Thursday, May 5, 2011

Animation:Anime Popularity on the Rise

Due to Western culture, the term anime has been coined to explicitly refer to Japanese animation. With the rise of anime's popularity it has become an integral part of animation produced in the Western world.
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Am very sure most Nigerian parents wouldn't allow their wards to watch these animated movies. 
No be true???


  1. You are looking at anime porn, not anime. Look for "Death Note". That's real anime.

  2. I was gonna say same thing, do ur research pple!
    Also, Is this blog not stand up to cancer naija? whats all this crap? one wld think you guys wld write something more inspirational and educative.

  3. @Karen thanks for the comment(our point is that Anime in General is increasing in popularity, the pic was just for love ur opinion but we cant all be serious all the time, if not we will land in a psychiatric hospital....just kidding.