Thursday, May 5, 2011

Designer of the Week: Alexander McQueen

It's hard to conceive of a more thankless task in fashion than taking over from a designer as galvanizing as Alexander "Lee" McQueen, but Sarah Burton is precisely the kind of quiet powerhouse who has what it takes to grab hold of his legacy and drag it where it needs to go to survive and prosper. As much as she worked beside McQueen for 15 years and clearly had a symbiotic connection to his very particular vision, it's her gender that is her greatest asset and point of difference.

Burton has already said that there were so many ideas left to be explored in her work with the designer. Now that she has proved her absolute fealty, her absolute familiarity, it's going to be riveting to watch her apply the craftsmanship and teamwork that made the 2011 collection such a success to a new vision for the house.

Kate Middleton’s choosing Alexander McQueen to design her wedding dress, was a little bittersweet, as McQueen never had the chance to see his fashion become part of a wedding that will go down in history, Kate Middleton paid a huge honor to him by choosing his label.

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