Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Prince Harry is the Royal Bad Boy

With his brother nearly wed, Prince Harry’s party-boy bachelor status is now in full effect.

Harry’s reputation as the Royal Family’s bad boy is just the natural order of things—after all, the younger royal sibling doesn’t have the pressure of the throne and can enjoy the spotlight and take advantage of the fame. And the fact that in every photo, Harry is smiling like he just set something on fire doesn’t help his reputation.

After being photographed on the cover of The Sun grabbing a local newscasters’ chest, Prince Harry solidified all rumors about being a party-loving womanizer.

If Harry Hunters were on the lookout for the Prince before, his bad boy image only made them want him more.

Although being a “bad boy” in the royal family probably consists of some mild sh-t. It’s not like Harry’s going to be riding a motorcycle off a cliff and getting some gang-affiliated tattoos.

When you’re royalty, I’m guessing “bad boy” behavior is just having sex with everything from the London Tower to Stonehenge.

Historically, the younger royal sibling has been recognized as the less serious one.

Princess Margaret, for example, was known to be a fashion icon while her sister, Queen Elizabeth, had to dress more conservatively.

Recently, Harry told the BBC television in Norway that his wedding speech might “make him lose some hair.” So I guess he and William will have a little more in common

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