Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lady Gaga Shows Signs Of "Crazy" Behaviour

Lady Gaga refuses to share a room with her boyfriend once a week.

The 'Born this Way' hitmaker has been accompanied round the world by Luc Carl since they reunited last July, but she regularly insists on booking them separate hotel rooms because she thinks sharing a bed every night would damage her creativity.

A source said: "She calls it her 16th century monarch night as she doesn't always allow Luc to sleep in bed with her. She just summons him when she needs him."

The eccentric singer reportedly shows signs of "crazy" behaviour when she is stressed and her worried friends and entourage now believe her bizarre habits - including refusing to pour her own drinks or sit on a chair someone else has previously used - are escalating out of control.

The source told Grazia magazine: "She often suffers bouts of crazy behaviour when she is tired and stressed. It's certainly happening now.

"For example, she always has 28 tour buses, 140 staff and an even number of tables, chairs, glasses and plates in her backstage area.

"She also insists on having her own crockery so she can be sure that no one else has used it and will not sit on a chair that anyone else has sat on before.

"She even has someone on hand to pour her drinks because she thinks pouring for oneself is bad luck."

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