Saturday, April 30, 2011

Court dissolves 25-yr-old marriage over sex denial

An Abeokuta Customary Court, on Friday, dissolved the 25-year-old marriage between a senior citizen, Amos Odeshina, and his wife, Omotade, over alleged denial of sex by the latter.

Odeshina ,71, a retiree, had on April 7, told the court that he had been married to Omotade for 25 years and have four children aged 22, 20, 18 and 14. He alleged that Omotade had in the last three years refused him the right to make love to her, lamenting that he could no longer bear this.

“The last time we had sex was in 2008,” he said. “I had tried all my possible best to convince her but it had all proved abortive; Omotade is very wicked. I was told that she sleeps around with other men, including her former husband although I don’t have any evidence to prove it.”

Odeshina said the situation had forced him to marry another wife, expressing regrets that Omotade had made life difficult for the younger wife. “My lord, is it not an irony that she doesn’t want to me to make love to her and she is standing in the way of someone who is interested?’’ he said.

Reacting, Omotade, a 45-year-old cleaner, confirmed her husband’s claim of sex denial in the last three years. She, however, attributed this to the tedious nature of her job, saying she usually had long working hours at work.

“I work round the clock to fend for the family, but my husband will just sit at home doing nothing,” she said. “His only concern is how to make to love to me. I will not accept that.”

She also told the court that she had been responsible for the payment of house rent, children’s school fees as well as the general upkeep of the home. “My lord, inspite of the fact that I foot all the bills in our home, he still has the gut to marry another wife,” she said. “How can I allow someone like that to make love to me?’’

Omotade, who consented to the dissolution of the marriage, however, appealed to the court to order the husband to take good care of the children.

In his judgment, the President of the court, Ishola Fajebe, regretted that all efforts to reconcile the couple did not yield result. He dissolved the union accordingly and ordered Adeshina to allow  Omotade  have access to the children whenever she desires.

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