Friday, April 22, 2011

How Kate Middleton Caught a Prince

 While it's nice to think that Kate Middleton left a shoe at a party and was rescued from life by Prince William, who fell in love with her and just had to make her a princess, it just simply didn't happen that way.

In reality, becoming a princess is a lot of work, and half of that work is getting the prince in the first place. Kate Middleton went through a lot to nab her prince, and here's the less-than-fairy tale story of how she did it.

She Kept Away From Controversy: Kate has been groomed to be a "princess in waiting" for years, according to sources, and part of the reason she was chosen is that she played her cards right. The Royal Family didn't want another revealing princess that would disclose family matters to the media, and Kate seemed to stay away from the press. When she did speak to the media, she was very candid and diplomatic. The Middletons are also rumored to have cut out all friends and family that might somehow get in the way of Kate being courted by Will.

She Picked her School Right
: Royal Historian Robert Lacey said that Kate Middleton would've never attended St. Andrews if that wasn't the school Prince William was attending. "She went up there to try and get Prince William and she got him," Lacey revealed. Hey, if you're going to catch a prince, you've got to fish where the princes are.

She Used Good, Old Fashioned Sex Appeal:  Ah, the infamous see-through dress Kate Middleton wore at a school fashion show. Royal Correspondent Katie Nicholl said, " when she strode out in uh, well, her underwear and a see through dress, I mean, William was gobsmacked. William just turned to [his friend] Fergus and said, 'Wow. Kate's hot.'" Cinderella might have worn a lavish gown, but when you look like Kate Middleton, you don't need as much material.

She Dealt With Prince William's Wandering Eye
: Not many of us would put up with a significant other flirting with someone else at a party—and right in front of us—but Kate must've really wanted to be royalty. Because when William reportedly chatted Isabella Calthorpe up at a party, Kate wanted a break. But it was rumored that Will asked Kate back when Isabella rejected him. And the reason behind all of their break-ups seem to be William's desire to use his status to woo other women. Let's hope it stops after the wedding!

Kate's been nicknamed by the tabloids as "Waity Katy", but it wasn't just patience that got her Prince William. Where there was a Will, there was a way for Kate, and she certainly worked to make it happen. Let's just hope all that work pays off!

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