Friday, January 20, 2012

Jessica Simpson Launching Maternity Line

Yep, yep, and yep. We’ve basically been expecting this announcement since Jessica Simpson started wearing tunics and holding her belly all the time.

  Forget Jessica’s impending baby, which has to be due, like yesterday, because she looks about ready to pop, it’s all about the fact that she’s now gonna launch a collection of maternity clothes.

  Talking at a TCA press conference, she said, “I don’t really love a lot of maternity stuff, so I’m actually using it as a fun business thing to do. So the next thing you will see from the Jessica Simpson Collection is maternity.”

The Jessica Simpson collection already has the market cornered on well, everything. She designs denim, handbags, jewelry, luggage, fragrances, outerwear and drawer pulls, probably.

She also just launched a girls line of clothing with her sister Ashlee and hinted at maybe doing a collection for infants and babies. She previously stated, “Boys clothing is a possibility,” that is, if her baby is a boy.

Soon, Jessica Simpson will have designed clothes for every demographic imaginable. I mean, she’s going to marry an NFL player, so it’s only a matter of time before she designs athletic wear. How do you feel about tear-away track pants from the Jessica Simpson collection?

  As for Jessica’s baby bump, which looks more like a road bump than a baby bump, Jessica says she’s so busy working on her business that she hasn’t had time to start nesting yet.

  “I haven’t started the nursery yet,” she admits, “In the next couple weeks, I have to start. The baby’s gotta sleep somewhere.”


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