Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Robert Pattinson Named World's Sexiest Man

He’s cute and all, but beating out George Clooney and David Beckham, really? That’s like naming the Cheesecake Factory as the world’s best food. Sure, it’s fine, but world’s best? It's kind of a stretch.

At any rate, Twilight star Robert Pattinson has been named the world’s sexiest man, and coming in second is his costar, Taylor Lautner. The Twi-hards have spoken. If Kellan Lutz is third, I’m gonna be really annoyed.

Editor Jo Elvin said: “Glamour editor Jo Elvin stated: "Over 40,000 Glamour readers cast their votes in the most hotly contested list of the year. And while the Twilight saga men continue to dominate our Sexiest Men list, Glamour readers have shown they have eclectic tastes to say the least - from silver fox, 50-year-old George Clooney, to a barely legal Justin Bieber.

“What could it all mean? Don't think, just enjoy." Justin Bieber? I thought this was sexiest men, not world's "sexiest teens who have defied the laws of nature by still not hitting puberty."

This is the third year in a row that Pattinson has been voted sexiest male by Glamour readers. Also worth mentioning on the list are Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, Alex Pettyfer and Ryan Reynolds.

In related news, Robert Pattinson has been trying to expand his horizons now that Twilight is finally coming to an end. He stars in the upcoming flick, Cosmopolis along with Paul Giamatti and actress Sarah Gadon. Gadon said working with Pattinson was “great”:

“I think it's a really interesting film, and I don't want to give away too much, but I think in a really kind of pared-down version of the film, it's about a young millionaire who loses everything in the course of a day. “

Gadon continued: “I play his new wife, so I'm one of the only characters that comes in and out of the story throughout the film. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together, and those are going to be some interesting meals. For me, it was really interesting and great to work with Rob at this point in his career.”

R. Patz’s Water for Elephants costar, Reese Witherspoon, also gushed about working with the heartthrob.

“He’s so amazing and wonderful and sweet and just the nicest guy too, so you can add that to the soup.”

And of course, Kristen Stewart enjoyed working with him so much, she went ahead and locked him down. Robert Pattinson might be best known for being a cheesy vampire, but that seems to be enough for tens of thousands of ladies.

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