Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rihanna Likes to Take Her Clothes Off

Rihanna has been named Sexiest Woman Alive of 2011 by Esquire magazine. So to celebrate, she took all of her clothes off and took a picture for the mag’s cover.

Rihanna has been on a roll lately. Recently, she beat out Madonna’s Billboard Top 10 record, and now, she’s beaten out the likes of Beyonce, Emma Stone and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for hottest woman of the year.

Despite the fact that the S&M singer was recently kicked off of a farmer’s property for what she was (or wasn’t) wearing, Rihanna says sexiness isn’t something she even thinks about. She told Esquire:

"At the end of a concert, I don't feel like I've been this sexy thing. Really, I don't even think about it. I mean, unless it's a song that really calls for it, like 'Skin' or 'S&M,' or when I cover 'Darling Nikki'. Although there's a section that's called 'Sex' in the show, which is the obvious section for sexuality."

Translate: I don’t think about being sexy. Except when I’m singing. Or dancing. Or breathing. Oh, and by the way…sex.

I love Rihanna’s spunk, but if this kid expects us to believe sexuality isn’t a part of her life, let’s recap what she’s done the past year: grab her ass incessantly, grind on dudes in the streets of Barbados while wearing a bikini, claim she wants to spank Britney Spears, and Tweet that she loves her job because of the topless dancers. So yeah, she’s practically a nun.

Oh, and she also gives lap dances on her Loud Tour.

“The way I pick the person is, whoever I feel doesn't take themselves too seriously, or who I think would be majorly embarrassed about it. Like these old men … it's hilarious. At first, it was just going to be girls. And then one night, I brought up a gay guy, and then I started bringing up straight guys. Then I started bringing up older straight men. Did you see the one who was getting way too comfortable? I can't remember the city, but I remember what the guy looked like … He was just getting excited … We have pictures!"

Rihanna’s Esquire cover shoot is completely nude, save a couple of leaves of seaweed or something that cover her hip and arm. This certainly isn’t the first risqué cover Rihanna has posed for.

In March, Rihanna posed for Rolling Stone, where she wore a tank top and booty shorts. Like, major booty shorts. Her ass must have been starving, because it was eating the hell out of her shorts. In the accompanying interview, Rihanna talked about how she likes being tied up and using whips and chains in the bedroom.

Then, in 2010, Rihanna posed for GQ, and decided to get rid of the top altogether and only wear the booty shorts. Okay, so the shorts were a little longer. But she was topless. I doubt anyone was looking at her clothed parts. In the mag, Rihanna discussed whether she’d ever be friends with Chris Brown again. “Maybe in like ten years,” the singer responded. “But it’s not something that I’m depending on. I’m not depending on his friendship.”

In the Esquire interview, Rihanna reveals that, despite her past with Brown, she still respects him as an artist:

"I really like the music he’s putting out. I’m a fan of his stuff. I’ve always been a fan. Obviously, I had some resentment toward him for a while, for obvious reasons. But I’ve put that behind me. It was taking up too much of my time. It was too much anger. I’m really excited to see the breakthrough he’s had in his career. I would never wish anything horrible for him. Never. I never have."

Last year’s Esquire winner was 30 Rock star Katrina Bowden. Previous winners have been Minka Kelly, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson, and Angelina Jolie.

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