Friday, October 7, 2011

Prince Harry's Coming to America, Might Party in Vegas

America, brace yourselves. American single women, listen up, this is your chance (fat chance) to become a princess. Prince Harry is coming to the US and might, just might, be partying it up in Las Vegas.

Prince Harry's got a thing for blondes, so die your hair, pack your sluttiest gold Vegas dress and be prepared for a few pit stops near San Diego, California and maybe Arizona.

Why there, you ask? Harry arrives in California this week for two months of British military helicopter pilot training. Captain Harry (ooh he's a captain!) and the rest of his Apache crew will train at the Naval Air Facility in El Centro, which is near San Diego, California.

However, he won’t be stopping by any ribbon cutting ceremonies, charity events, or random Canadian rodeos like his brother and Kate Middleton did when they visited North America. His "trip" is purely for military training.

However, once he's done training in Southern California, he will finish up his flying in Arizona and Las Vegas happens to be between the two locations.

"If they want to fund it themselves and that's what floats their boat, then yea, they can go to Las Vegas," says British Lt Col Peter Bullen, director of their training session, "If he wants to do that, it's completely up to him."

So you're saying there is a chance? That Prince Harry might be partying in Las Vegas that is. This is good news for "Harry Hunters."

Harry Hunters are crazy psychos American women who travel to England and literally stalk Prince Harry in the hopes of seducing him, dating him, and eventually marrying him. Oh yeah, this is a real thing. When British women hide out at the Royal bars and nightclubs in the hopes of catching Harry's eye, they are called "Throne Rangers"

These deluded women essentially think of themselves as princesses in training, so now that Harry is in America, these girls don't have to travel all the way to the UK and pretend that they are "studying abroad" when they are really trolling Harry's favorite nightclubs and trying to force a ring on it.

However, aside from maybe a possible stop-over in Vegas, don't expect Harry to have much free time outside of his military training.

"He'll be under the syllabus designed for him and I'm sure he'll have plenty to do." says U.S. Capt. Devon Jones, commanding officer of the San Diego Facility

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