Friday, October 7, 2011

Conrad Murray's Defense Team: Coroner's Office Made Mistakes

In Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial—now in its second week—it's being reported that some "mistakes" have been made in documenting the late Michael Jackson's death.

Elissa Fleak took the stand on Thursday morning. She is the investigator from the Los Angeles County Coroner's office who examined Michael Jackson's body and bedroom after he passed away. Fleak was questioned by lawyers on Dr. Murray's team, who accused the investigator of making "mistakes" in the investigation case.

Defense attorney Ed Chernoff questioned Fleak, who said she always destroys her investigation notes after its over. Elissa did admit that she didn’t throw away the documents after taking a second trip to Michael's house on June 29. It was four days after the singer's death.

Fleak says she kept the notes because it was weird to be asked to take a second trip to an investigation scene. Chernoff asked her, "Would you agree with me that you made a substantial number of mistakes in investigating this case?"

The witness said: “No.”

Fleak admitted to picking up a bottle of flumazenil from the floor of Jackson's bedroom before she took the photographs. The investigator also left some fingerprints on a syringe found in the room.

Fleak says she normally wears gloves and "found [the fingerprint] later." Apparently, she thought the fingerprint might have transferred from moving around chairs in the room.

"I don’t remember if I was wearing gloves when the tables were moved," Fleak said.

Chernoff continued pressing: "You don’t consider any of that a mistake?" and the investigator insisted: "no."

Fleak also revealed there were a ton of medications found in Jackson's bedroom and closet. More than three dozen bottles of medicine were lined up in two rows on the edge of the prosecution table, right in front of the jury.

Murray's defense team insists Fleak's investigation contained a "substantial number of mistakes." The defense strategy has been theorizing that Jackson treated himself with the fatal dose that would kill him.

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson's tribute show is set to take place via Facebook this weekend. Despite the few setbacks that have taken place, viewers can still tune in and watch performers pay tribute to the King of Pop.

The Black Eyed Peas and Gene Simmons were originally on the bill, but both acts have since been cancelled. Simmons stepped down after criticism for his comments about Jackson years ago. No official word on why the Black Eyed Peas are not out of the show.

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