Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ashton Kutcher Convinced Demi Moore Will File For Divorce

Now that Sara Leal has spoken to the media about her "1 Night in San Diego" encounter with Ashton Kutcher, Kutcher is "expecting" his wife Demi Moore to file for divorce.

He's "expecting" her too? Do they not talk to each other? Does Ashton crawl in through the doggie door each night and consult a magic eight ball wondering if his wife will divorce him for cheating on her?! I had sex with someone that wasn't Demi, I'm expecting her to leave me, but I can't quite be sure. Do we have a ouija board I can consult?

Apparently Ashton has been telling friends that he thinks Demi is consulting with divorce lawyers. Also, Ashton claims to feel very sorry about his two-hour long sexual encounter with Sara Leal.... Sorry that it didn't last longer, Boo-yaa up top! No seriously. Ashton is devastated, Demi is devastated. This is all very bad news for the Kutchers according to a source.

"Ashton is absolutely gutted. Ashton had confessed his sexual relationship with Sara to Demi after it happened," a source tells, "Demi was naturally, devastated, but not surprised as they had spent their sixth wedding anniversary apart. There have been problems for a very long time in the marriage."

Even though this is the second time that Ashton has been accused of cheating on Demi (remember last year when he was accused of cheating on her with another boring girl boringly named Brittney Jones?) Ashton says he wants to make things work with his wife.

"She's [Demi] currently consulting with divorce attorneys. Ashton doesn't want her to file for divorce, and is hoping they can work it out. However, Ashton expects that Demi will likely file. Ashton was hoping that Sara wouldn't give any interviews about their sexual encounter, but now she's spilling all the seedy details and it doesn't help matters at all."

If Sara's details about her sexscapades with Ashton are stressing him out, what then did he actually reveal to Demi? Uhmm honey, I went to San Diego and went swimming with a blonde girl. My penis slipped! It's not my fault!

Ashton is especially screwed because Sara's details are so sordid and very too-the-point. "He lost his towel and I took my robe off. Then we had sex" she dishes to US Weekly.

Besides adding that they didn't use a condom and that he first asked to have a three-some with her friend from the hot-tub, He also said that the sex with Sara was so "real."

"I enjoy things like this because I'm an actor 90 percent of the time and its fake. It's nice to have moments that are real." Sara recalls Ashton saying.

Ouch. Poor Demi. I'm on team Demi y'all. "G.I. Jane" was great!

Even after he allegedly said and did all these things, the Ashton source adds, "Ashton is asking Demi not to file for divorce, but there is nothing he can do to stop her."

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