Monday, September 5, 2011

Jessica Simpson Launching Skincare Line

Jessica Simpson is truly a renaissance woman. She has dabbled in singing, in acting, in reality TV work, and pizza hut commercials. She also has a fragrance, a clothing line, accessories and a jewelry line and now is getting involved with an online beauty company. No, Jessica Simpson will not be showing up at your door trying to sell Mary Kay, Jessica Simpson is endorsing a new skin care line.

Simpson will launch a skin care range through the internet shopping site that will follow the model of other successful e-commerce sites like and is a website that sells t-shirts for $29.99 that are designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. That's all the site does. It just sells one new t-shirt a month for $30 if you sign up for a membership first?

Jewelmint is similar. It features exclusive jewelry by Actress Kate Bosworth and Stylist Cher Coulter and after signing up for a membership the site gauges your style and decides on the best jewelry choices for you and then allows you to buy pieces for $29.99 each.

It's kind of like shopping in real life, except this kind of shopping is endorsed by a celebrity, you don't have the leave your house and the internet decides which style choices they think are good for you. And then you but it. It's like eharmony, except with fashion and jewelry.

These e-commerce sites don't make any sense to me, but whatever, apparently celebrities seem to like it.

So now Jessica Simpson is jumping on the bandwagon and will be the new face of At this point, is just a registered domain name but there's nothing at the site itself, yet.

Simpson will team up with celebrity aesthetician Nerida Joy to launch a beauty line which will open to the public on October 1st. The line will specifically be an anti-ageing skin care range.

In other, Jessica-Simpson-is-doing-things news, Simpson is teaming up with Firestar Diamonds to release a fine jewelry range. She is the first celeb to team up with the brand on it's "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" collection also releasing in October.

"Jewelry is such a personal expression of style and taste. This collection has allowed me to create pieces that truly reflect who I am, and that can become a keepsake for a lifetime," says Simpson.

She loves "designing" jewelry because jewels can last forever.

"I love that a piece of fine jewelry can be passed down from generation to generation. I cherish the pieces that were given to me, so it is really special to be able to design my own and the collection is beautifully crafted. The designs are airy and artistic and so easy to wear."

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