Monday, September 5, 2011

Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty" Exhibit Moving to London

The Alexander McQueen exhibit "Savage Beauty", which just ended it's run at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, might be moving to London.

The London Born designer committed suicide in February 2010 and a fashion journalist has created a petition to bring the "Savage Beauty" exhibition to his hometown to continue honoring the designer and showcase his work.

The online petition created by Melanie Rickey has gathered nearly 2,000 names to bring the display to the UK. She says, "This isn't just my petition. I'm starting it on behalf of everyone who wants to see the exhibition in its home town."

She thinks the exhibition will find even more fame in McQueen's hometown. "McQueen was from London and his designs were inspired by it, and I think the exhibition should be seen in situ. I'm talking to lots of people who believe we could make it more relevant here."

After McQueen's death, The Alexander McQueen design house named his long-term assistant Sarah Burton as the new creative director of the brand.

A statement issued by the brand read: "Alexander McQueen appreciates the huge amount of interest the public has shown towards the 'Savage Beauty' exhibition. We have been in discussion with a number of major venues in London for some time now, however nothing has been finalized."

The NY exhibition was only open for 3 months and was the 8th most popular display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 141 year history. While you may wonder why anyone would want to see an exhibition of outfits, McQueen's designs were much more than just "clothes."

They only way I can describe Alexander McQueen fashion is like if a Lady Gaga music video had a love child with a Tim Burton film and then Helena Bonham Carter babysat that kid for it's entire life and only let it listen to Bjork and read Edgar Allen Poe. Alexander McQueen works with animal hair, duck feathers, antlers, and wooden shoes that look more like prosthetic legs than footwear.

The collection features pieces from his 1992 graduate student collection at Central Saint Martins all the way to his final runaway presentation that took place after his death.

McQueen's fashions are beloved by celebs including Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna who frequently are spotted wearing his designs. Additionally, Bjork and Lady Gaga incorporated pieces into their music videos, including the "armadillo" shoes (those shoes that look like a cocoon for your feet) made famous by Gaga for wearing them in her "Bad Romance" video and at various red carpet events.

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  1. The UK has a lot to deservedly be proud of. The events that have and are about to come about put the overdue spotlight all that the UK has given the world and should be held up with pride. To herald these and nurse the pride of the people should be encouraged. To support measures that hoard those gifts, however, would be a travesty.

    How would we know of the genius of your people if they were to be kept solely in the UK? And would it serve the interests of your country to support measures that would only defeat itself in the long run?

    McQueen is our generation’s Dior regarding creativity while respecting and integrating history into his design. His creative volume is in line with that of Picasso. During his life, McQueen had conveyed to the media his desire to spread his vision throughout the world, taking his collection to the public via a live streaming broadcast. He mused the concept of showcasing his collections via hologram stations the world after enjoying success with such technology demonstrated in the “Widows of Culloden” presentation. Does this sound like someone who would want his work hoarded only in one place?

    Let’s support not only the exhibition to come home but more so to have it travel. Not only would it support the citizen you herald as great, you show the world that your confidence and pride as best conveyed through generosity of spirit. After all, it would be fair at least let those in a culture with a history of democratic support to inform readers that there are two choices regarding the degree of support. Either way, both aim to bring McQueen home (something we are seeing happen regardless).

    Here is the link: