Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Postpone Wedding Due to Baby?

Hold the bells, Jessica Simpson and her fiancé aren't walking down the aisle anytime soon.

It's now been over 10 months since Johnson got down on one knee, but the wedding plans—originally rescheduled for November—are being put on hold.

"Everything is up in the air," a source told Us Magazine. "She can't figure out what kind of day she wants. Some days she wants a big wedding in Hawaii, then other days she wants something closer to home."

Weddings get postponed for a few reasons. Deciding whether or not to do them in Hawaii isn't one of them.

Some of Simpson's friends are revealing that she's lost enthusiasm for the marriage.

"She was so gung ho about planning their wedding, and now she's gone dark," says a friend. "She won't commit to a date."

Oh, so you mean it's not the lame excuse of picking out a venue? What a surprise.

The postponement may not necessarily be due to Jessica's cold feet, though. The singer is rumored to be pregnant, and she added fuel to the fire when she showed up in Mexico over the weekend wearing a very oversized animal-print top. Either that, or there's an obese leopard out there who has the face of Jessica Simpson.

And no, that's not the only piece of evidence. Multiple sources have said that Jessica and Eric are pregnant with their first child. "She's already having kooky cravings!" a friend reveals, especially nacho chips dipped in chocolate, "which satisfy her urge for salty and sweet.

And pregnant women wonder why they're always throwing up.

And probably the most obvious evidence is that during Eric's 32nd birthday party, Simpson sent back her glass of champagne during a toast. You just don't do that.

Jessica hasn't been squashing the pregnancy rumors this time around, either. She responded to them by tweeting a bunch of pics of herself with her (hopefully) soon-to-be fiancé. Cryptic. And when celebs are cryptic, you know that usually means "yep, it's true."

The baby is said to be due in Spring, so perhaps the couple is waiting because Jessica wants to be able to see her feet when she's walking down the aisle. Simpson first put the wedding plans on hold when they were supposed to take place during Labor Day. It prompted both the pregnancy rumors and rumors of a split. But then again, maybe it was just too close to Kardashian wedding territory.

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