Friday, August 5, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton star in another royal wedding film

We’ve only just got over the hilarious awfulness of William and Kate: The Movie, which aired in Apirl.

Now another cheesy American TV film about Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge has been made.

Re-imaginings of the Royal couple’s love story are seemingly in such demand that the new film - William and Catherine: A Royal Romance - will tell the same story as William and Kate did just three months ago.

William will be played by American actor Dan Amboyer and Kate will be played by English model Alice St Clair.

The Queen and Prince Philip, played by Jane Alexander and Mark Penfold, have both miraculously lost years in the film.

And the only actress who looks like the character she’s playing is Lesley Harcourt, recognisable as Lady Diana thanks to a 1980s hairdo. The late Princess of Wales appears in flashbacks in the film.

Although produced for US channel Hallmark, a UK digital channel is expected to bid for the rights to show the film, just as Channel 5 did with William and Kate: The Movie.

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