Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mariah Carey Loves Everything

Mariah Carey proves that she loves EVERYTHING. Mariah appeared on the Home Shopping Network for 8 hours and apparently ran out of words to describe how she feels about things.

Mariah was on HSN to promote her new collection which includes jewelry, shoes, fragrances and bags, and there is nothing in the collection that she doesn’t LOVE.

Some brilliant person over at fourfour blog edited together the 8 hour show into a 5 minute video showing off every time Mariah Carey uttered the phrase “I love.”

To be clear, she says the word “love” 67 times. Some of my favorites are: “I love meet and greets,” “I love how her arms look,” and “My mother and I love the pool.”

Oh and then I love it when she contradicts herself, “I love black,” and then “I love red” and then “I love it when you mixed it with the pink."

Mariah Carey has been performing love songs for years, but this is just ridiculous.

Also, not allowing anyone to out-diva herself, she changed her outfit like several times. I love outfit changes.

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