Friday, July 8, 2011

Maria Shriver Buys $10 Million Home

Maria Shriver had been staying in a Beverly Hills hotel after her separation from cheating husband Arnold Schwarzenegger, but now she apparently just bought a new home in the same neighborhood she used to share with Arnold.

A source tells TMZ, “she’s buying a $10 million home in an exclusive area of LA,” and other sources are saying that area would specifically be Brentwood which is the same city that their old home is in.

Seeing as the “exclusive area” of Brentwood is only a couple blocks wide, Maria and Arnold might be neighbors. That’s gonna be so awkward when they run into each other at the Brentwood farmers market…

However, sources are saying this is a good thing as they are trying to keep the divorce amicable and with both Arnold and Maria sharing joint custody of their children it will make it easier if they live nearby.

I guess Maria isn’t waiting for the divorce to finalize before moving on. But $10 Million is chump change in comparison to what she’s being estimated to get in the divorce settlement.

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