Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Dating Model Spencer Falls

Samantha Ronson has ruined Lindsay Lohan for women. Lohan has finally moved on from the tumultuous relationship and is now reportedly dating model Spencer Falls. And sorry, ladies, he's a male model. And that's pretty close to an actual man.

The couple recently had a dinner date at Hollywood's Chateau Marmont hotel, and Falls was also seen leaving Lohan's Venice Beach home. An insider at the hotel told Star magazine:

"Lindsay seemed totally smitten by him and just really happy. It was really refreshing to see her back to her old self again."

I'm not sure what LiLo's "old self" is, but it doesn't seem that different from her new self. Dodging prison, whining about people being mean—I don't seem to recall a time where this wasn't typical Lindsay behavior.

In a series of photographs, Lindsay has her boobs groped by her new man during a late night photo shoot. The images were taken by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, a friend of Lohan's.

Shields wrote on his website: "Lindsay Lohan, Spencer Falls and I had way too much fun on this one! A little romance never hurt anyone until it ended. In matters of love sometimes you have to be willing to get your hands dirty."

Your hands, among other things. Lindsay and Samantha Ronson dated on/off for two years until finally splitting for good in 2011. In the wake of her recent legal troubles, Lindsay was rumored to be spending more time with the LA-based DJ.

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  1. Lindsay Lohan is pictured leaving her Venice Beach home with rumoured new man Spencer Falls But it looks as though the wannabe star has just landed the real