Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Charlene Wittstock Walks Down Aisle in Custom Giorgio Armani

Charlene Wittstock wed Prince Albert in Monaco on Saturday in a beautiful and classic custom-made Giorgio Armani Prive gown.

The dress was very simple but looked great on the princess.

“The idea was to go for a completely modern look, without any obvious sense of nostalgia or revivalism,” Armani said in a release.

“I felt this was appropriate given that there would inevitably be comparisons with Princess Grace, and though such comparisons are of course a sign of admiration, each person has their own individual and unique style, and style is an expression of the times.”

Just a week before the wedding, there were rumors that Charlene had bought a one way ticket back to her country of South Africa.

“Everything started a week ago with the hasty departure of the future princess to the Nice airport where she boarded a flight to South Africa. With a one-way ticket. Shaken-up, Charlene Wittstock had just learned that the private life of the man she is about to marry wasn't as exemplary as she had thought.”

Prince Albert and his entourage obviously succeeded at convincing her to come back because on Saturday, a sad looking Charlene wed Prince Albert. Now that’s not a good way to start a life together!

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