Saturday, June 4, 2011

You Are Welcome To Church!

 By Caleb Egwuenu
Of course you will not find the word "Churchianity" in the dictionary, so why use the word and what does it mean?  I use the word "churchianity" because it is a good, descriptive word for the sometimes subtle, yet altogether dangerous shift of focus that frequently occurs among so called "Christians". 

It is not a word of my own making, but one that I have heard used some few times to describe misguided professors of Christianity.  

"Churchianity" is a perversion of Christianity; it means that the focus of the Lifestyle [what is supposed to be Christianity] has shifted from Christ to the church.  Instead of total reliance upon Christ for salvation, sanctification, Christian growth, and spiritual nourishment, adherents of "Churchianity" rely on the church to an equal or even greater extent for these things. 

The central difference between "Churchianity" and Christianity is that Christ is at the center of Christianity, while the church is at the center or "Churchianity".  Of course those who practice “Churchianity” still consider themselves "Christians" and probably would deny that the word "Churchianity" describes their religion; yet, when all of the facts are considered, their religion bears greater resemblance to “Churchianity” than Christianity because of the undue focus given to the church in their religious devotion. 

So, in theory these professed Christians claim loyalty to Christ, but in practice they are actually loyal to their church.  For, when it comes to loyalty in actual practice, “churchians” would rather depart from Christ, Himself, [they would rather depart from the truth of His Word, His teachings, and His doctrine] than forsake their church.

Sadly, their church is at the center of their  religious devotion; it has stolen their hearts; to it they have pledged their undying allegiance.  In "Churchianity", we find the church elevated to a position far above even that of their professed Savior Jesus Christ.

Join House on The Rock The Refuge[The Citadel & Towers Right Turn Before City Gate Abuja] this sunday[5th of June] by 8:30am, as the Pastor Continues on the Series that deals with the issue of Christianity and "Churchainity". See you there.

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  1. Great work! I wish I could write this well!Very insightful post. I will keep an eye on your blog in the future.