Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez Split Again

They’ve been going strong for a while now, but reports are surfacing that Cameron Diaz has split with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

An insider tells Life & Style magazine: “They’ve broken up.”

The insider explains that Rodriguez “told her that he needs to focus on baseball and that’s all there is to it.”

Good thing he actually plays baseball, otherwise that would be the worst breakup in history. For the record, A.Rod’s team is denying the report, saying it’s not true. But rumor is that Alex “thought she was a ton of fun” because she “kept saying that she never wanted to get married and have kids.”

“He thought she would be an easy girlfriend,” says the insider. “But then she pushed for more of a commitment, and he told her to cool it.” Classic girlfriend move.

Rodriguez has been through his share of women, so it’s no surprise if he’s planning to move on. In 2008, he was linked to pop singer Madonna, while he was married. He’s also been reported to solicit prostitutes, and was photographed in 2007 entering a Toronto nightclub with an exotic dancer.

Similarly, a Boston stripper-turned-hairdresser claims she and Rodriguez had a couple of trysts while he was married in 2004. Sounds like boyfriend material to me.

In 2009, Kate Hudson took a brief break from banging rock stars and started dating Rodriguez. In July 2010, he started dating Diaz, although it wasn’t official until recently.

“Yes, Alex is my boyfriend, it’s not a secret anymore,” Diaz told Elle magazine in May of 2011.

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