Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sarah Palin Visits Donald Trump in New York

Sarah Palin’s bus tour of Americana took a side trip into the surreal Tuesday evening when she paid a visit to Donald Trump at his triplex apartment in New York.

Navigating West 56th Street in rush-hour traffic, Ms. Palin arrived around 6:30 p.m. by chauffeured black S.U.V. at Trump Tower, having abandoned her One Nation tour bus, presumably outside Midtown. She alighted with her young daughter Piper, posed for a picture with a tourist and hurried past two dozen reporters and photographers.

She then had pizza with Mr. Trump at an outlet of the Famous Famiglia chain on 50th Street and Broadway. Artan Brdakic, a worker there, said they had a pepperoni pizza, a sausage pizza and a meatball pizza, with Mr. Trump wearing a suit with a blue tie for the meal and accompanied by his wife, Melania.

An aide to Mr. Trump said Ms. Palin, the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate, had sought the meeting, having “reached out” that morning. Ms. Palin has generated more buzz about a possible presidential bid with the start of her road trip on Sunday — she has visited Gettysburg and the Liberty Bell — did not reveal why she wanted to pay a call on Mr. Trump and his wife. His own flirtation with a Republican presidential campaign ended last month amid speculation it was all intended to jolt his business interests.

Earlier this spring Ms. Palin voiced support for Mr. Trump’s interest in “getting to the bottom” of President Obama’s birth certificate. In 2008, during Ms. Palin’s vice-presidential campaign, Mr. Trump said he trusted her to deal with the nation’s economic crisis.

In going to meet Mr. Trump, Ms. Palin breezed into the residential entrance to the gold-clad building across from an Armani superstore. She was all smiles but did not pause for interviews. She did respond to one reporter’s question about Mr. Trump’s past donations to Democrats: “I think I’ll go change his mind and make sure he’s contributing to constitutional conservatives.’’

Then she disappeared into the doorman building before they left to have pizza.

On the schedule tomorrow, by some accounts: Ellis Island.

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