Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nicolas Cage accused of allegedly `abusing and traumatising son Weston`

The mother of Nicolas Cage's troubled son Weston has accused the actor of 'abusing and traumatising' him as a child, new court documents reveal.

The papers were filed in Los Angeles just days before Weston Cage, 20, was hospitalised and put under mental evaluation following an incident at a Hollywood restaurant.

Weston's mum, Christina Fulton, 43, claims in the papers that as a child Weston suffered from poor mental health.

The document states, 'Since birth and early childhood Plaintiff and Defendant Cage's only son, Weston, has suffered from a number of mental, psychological, and physical ailments.'

The documents are the latest in an ongoing lawsuit filed by Fulton against Cage, 47, for fraud and breach of contract.

In a deposition on April 1, Cage refused to answer questions on whether his son suffered from Tourette's syndrome, severe depression and suicidal tendencies.

Cage said he would not answer the questions on the grounds they invaded Weston's privacy and his own.

Fulton is asking a Los Angeles judge top compel Cage to testify – and has requested a protective order to keep Weston's medical history private.

The papers state, 'Information regarding Weston's medical and mental health information are directly relevant to Plaintiff's action against Cage for the purpose of establishing (1) an exchange of adequate consideration in the formation of the Agreement and (2) Cage's procurement of the Acknowledgements through undue influence and duress, with knowledge of Weston's medical and mental health condition, by abusing and traumatizing Weston and, in turn, exploiting Plaintiff's concerns over Weston.'

Lawyers for Cage and Fulton will appear before a judge in court on July 14th for a hearing in the case

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