Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kate Moss changes wedding date

Kate Moss has changed her wedding date to July 1.

The British model - who had originally planned to marry rocker Jamie Hince on July 2 - has left her 300 guests confused with a cryptic invitation that gave no reason why the nuptials have been changed, or whether her plans for a "festival" to celebrate her marriage will still go ahead.

A guest revealed: "I received a piece of white card with silver writing on it. It read, 'Kate Moss and Jamie Hince will be marrying pm Friday July 1. Save the date'.

"The date has shifted from Saturday the 2nd but there's no information about where the wedding is, how many days, nights, etc. Kate's doing her usual secret mission stuff but it's not so funny when the wedding's just four weeks away."

While the nuptials were believed to being held in a church near the 37-year-old beauty's home in Oxfordshire, South East England, Kate's sudden change of plans has thrown her guests into panic about what will actually be happening.

The source added to the Daily Star newspaper: "It's very confusing. We have no idea how long to block out our time or where in the country we'll be. We don't know whether that's the church or the party, whether we need to travel, or what's going on.
"And Friday is a strange day to ask us to keep free when everyone believed it was a Saturday and a weekend away."

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