Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Honeymoon Tape Triggers Porn War

It seems as if the tape she’s been working so hard to keep under wraps is going to be released one day or another.

Rumor has it that porn companies are currently at war to buy the Jennifer Lopez honeymoon tape that was shot back in 1997 when she married her former waiter ex Ojani Noa.

The tape is not as bad as some of the other celebrity “sex tapes” that have been released, but it does feature the one BIG thing that J.Lo is known for…her booty!

Red Light District,, and are all trying snag the tape. Bids have gone up to $40,000, which is surprisingly low, but that’s only because there’s no actual sex on the tape. Why doesn’t she just pay her douchebag ex 100k and take the tape off his hands?

J.Lo tried to block Noa from releasing the tape but an L.A. judge ruled she had no case.

Sorry J.Lo guess there’s spanking and booty shaking in our future! Wonder how Marc is going to feel about the tape being released. It's so sad because those two seem to be in such a great place with their relationship

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