Sunday, June 19, 2011

Casey Anthony Cries As Human Skull Is Introduced In Testimony

Casey Anthony was brought to tears again on Saturday as a forensic expert testifying for the defense placed a human skull on the witness stand.

Dr. Werner Spitz was using the skull -- which did NOT belong to Casey's murdered daughter Caylee -- as a prop to explain his belief that duct tape found on the two-year-old's face was not put on her before the body started to decompose.

This testimony contradicts the accusation that Casey suffocated Caylee with the tape.

Casey, 25, who is on trial for her daughter's alleged murder three years ago, looked away and began to cry as the skull was put in front of her.

Earlier in the day, the judge dismissed another defense expert witness after he claimed no scientist could say for sure where on Caylee's face the duct tape was placed.

Judge Belvin Perry, claiming that testimony had not been previously filed with the court, ordered forensic anthropologist William Rodriguez down off the stand and promptly dismissed the jury before accusing both the prosecution and defense teams of playing games.

However Mr. Rodriguez will be allowed to return to the stand on Monday once the trial resumes, as long as he is deposed on Saturday afternoon and the document is officially filed with the court.

Caylee went missing on June 16th, 2008 and her skeletal remains were discovered months later.

The defense claim that the toddler drowned in the family pool and the Casey's father George Anthony helped her cover up the death and made her lie about it.

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