Saturday, June 18, 2011

Amber Portwood Released From Hospital After Suicide Attempt

Amber Portwood has reportedly been released from the hospital following an alleged suicide attempt.

The "Teen Mom" cast member left St. John's Hospital in Anderson, Ind. on Friday, sources told Star magazine.

Portwood was possibly held for 72 hours, following her admission on Tuesday, for a psychiatric evaluation, the mag reported.

The young mother, 21, was rushed to the hospital after on-and-off boyfriend Gary Shirley called police and said he feared she had harmed herself.

On Thursday, Shirley – who often has custody of the couple's 2-year-old daughter, Leah – wrote on Twitter that Portwood was "safe and getting the help she needs right now."

He later revealed on Facebook that a special e-mail address was set up for any fans who wanted to send "well wishes."

The e-mails would be "screened and any positive message will be printed and given to Amber," he wrote.

Following Portwood's hospitalization, her brother Shawn alleged that her complicated relationship with Shirley was to blame for her problems.

"He's constantly threatening to take Leah away," Shawn claimed to E! Online.

Last year, Portwood told People she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but didn't seem to take the diagnosis seriously.

"I'm just really outgoing. I think everybody thinks they're bipolar these days," she said. "You're a teenager, you have hormones. You're gonna switch up every two seconds!"

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