Saturday, May 7, 2011

Relationship: Stages of Getting Over Someone

What are the stages of getting over someone?

Right after a breakup each person goes through certain stages of recovery in a certain order. If the person managed to go successfully through these stages then he will easily get over his breakup and recover.

If the person got stuck in one of those stages then his recovery from the breakup will be delayed and this is what happens with most people who try to get over someone.

In this article i will tell you about the stages of getting over someone and how to not get stuck in any of them.

The 6 stages of getting over someone

Below are the 6 stages of getting over someone:
The Denial/shock stage: This is the stage where a person refuses to admit what happened. For example, when someone experiences a loss of a close family member he might remain in the denial stage for a while. In most cases this stage passes very quickly after a breakup and you shouldn't worry about it at all.

The anger stage: Some people start to feel angry after the initial shock. That's where a person starts to think about revenge and making his ex payback. Again when the problem is getting over someone that stage isn't the worrisome one and it usually passes quickly too.
The most dangerous stage of getting over someone: The third and the most dangerous stage of getting over someone is bargaining. This is where people listen to sad music, day dream about their ex, visualize everything returning back to its norms and go to the same places they used to go to together hopping that an accidental encounter happens. If people remained stuck in this stage they never recover from the breakup until they meet someone else who lets them forget their old partner
The depression stage: This stage doesn't happen after the previous stage but both happen together. Bargaining is usually mixed with depression and that's why during that period the person's mood shifts between hope and loss of hope. Depression is usually the result of the loss of hope that happens in the bargaining stage.
The acceptance stage: This is the stage where the person starts to accept the breakup and decides to move on. This stage of getting over someone never happens unless hope is completely lost. If there were 1% hope the person will remain stuck in the previous stages and as soon as hope is completely lost the person will start to recover
The recovery stage: This is the final stage of getting over someone and its where everything returns back to its norms

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