Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Queen of England wants an iPad

It seems Prince William and Kate Middleton getting married is not enough, as the Queen has allegedly asked for an iPad.

According to The Sun newspaper, seeing Prince William and Prince Harry using one was enough to spark interest in Apple's tablet. A royal insider claims, 'The Queen hadn’t seen anything like the iPad before. She was very impressed.'

At 85, you wouldn't expect someone of that generation to be particularly tech-savvy, but the Queen has been known to use her gadgets, including a mobile phone her son, the Duke of York, bought as a present a decade ago.

Obviously not content with old technology, the Queen was given a BlackBerry Bold by manufacturer itself. We doubt her BBM pin number is given out to many people.

Her Majestly also allegedly bought a silver iPod Touch in 2007, so it would seem an allegiance with Apple has already been formed.

Perhaps the Queen uses Know Your Mobile for all her app news? We would love to think so. It's obvious our Royal Wedding invite got lost in the post.

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