Monday, May 2, 2011

Prince Harry and On-Off Girlfriend Chelsy Davy Enjoys Wedding After-Party PDA

Everyone thought Prince Harry was trying to hit on Pippa Middleton, the very popular maid of honor, but it turns out that was not the case.

Prince Harry’s on again off again and now on again girlfriend Chelsy Davy was also at the wedding and the two were seen getting very cozy. All those Harry hunters are slacking; Chelsy is taking their man.

Harry and Chelsy were spotted together at the after after after party at the Goring Hotel. These two definitely know how to party!

"You could tell they were an item," a Goring hotel source told Us Weekly. "They were acting like a couple and kissed in front of everyone."

So is there Royal wedding number 2 in the works? Can they wait a few years; I’m on Royal overload.

Harry is also believed to have been responsible for decking big brother William and his bride Kate’s car out in banners and balloons following the Queen's luncheon at Buckingham Palace.

'After the [luncheon] speeches, all the guests went out into the garden,' said a guest, and 'Prince Harry [had] finished up decorating [the car] with ribbons and stickers and things. There was a huge whoop and a round of applause and hollering as they drove off.”

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